Research Project 3

‘Greening’ Greenland: Contemporary Travel/Writing and Environmentalism


  1. To consider how recent travel writing on Greenland in English and other languages intersects with other forms of travel practice, especially ecotourism, in the Arctic
  2. To examine the diverse forms of cultural encounter associated with this writing
  3. To consider the environmentalist implications of such writing, particularly as these are inflected by current global discourses of climate change

The development of cruise-ship tourism has recently opened up Greenland to tourism on a modest if unprecedented scale. This has coincided with the rise of ecotourism, with the global awareness of climate change––often popularly associated with Greenland’s receding glaciers––and with the country’s gradual transition from the status of a Danish county, via Home Rule, to self-government. All of this creates the opportunity to develop a tourist industry that is based on sustainability and reflects a growing Greenlandic self-assertiveness. Through the lens of recent travel writing on Greenland, this project, based at Roskilde University, will look at the dynamic interchange between ecotourism, the science of global warming, and the political landscape of Greenlandic nation-building. It will also show how the cultural encounters examined in such writing both reflect back on an earlier archive of colonial travel narrative and engage with new, postcolonial forms of cultural interaction and response.

Research Team Members
Lars Jensen
Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen
Astrid Andersen

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RP3 | ‘Greening’ Greenland: Contemporary Travel/Writing and Environmentalism

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