Research Project 1

Green Ice: Contemporary Travel/Writing, Environmentalism and the Arctic


  1. To consider how contemporary Arctic travel writing intersects with new travel practices, especially ecotourism, in the European Arctic
  2. To critically assess the representation of cultural encounters in European Arctic travel/writing
  3. To situate these changing representations in the context of the language and identity politics of the region

This team project, involving researchers at all levels from the partner countries, will look at ‘green’ forms of travel/writing in a contemporary European Arctic context. Adopting a broad-based cultural studies approach, it will compare perspectives on the changing political ecology of a fragile region shaped by climatic and cultural factors. In exploring the mutual relations between new developments in Arctic travel narratives and tourism practices, the project will pay particular attention to the changing discourses that produce, and are in turn produced by, encounters between contemporary Arctic peoples and territories as well as by recent social and cultural interactions between these peoples and tourists to the region. Questions of indigeneity, gender and nationality will be considered; the project will also compare English-language texts with those written in other languages, thereby examining the politics of language and its significant role in tourism. Finally, attention will be given to the changing symbolic value of Arctic discourses in environmental movements in order to consider the close connections between global forms of environmentalist discourse and action and local cultural response.

Research Team Members
Simone Abram
Katrín Anna Lund
Astrid Andersen
Graham Huggan
Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen
Lars Jensen
Britt Kramvig
Berit Kristofferson
Michael Leonard
Kristín Loftsdóttir
Roger Norum

RP1 | Green Ice

RP2 | The Postcolonial Arctic

RP3 | ‘Greening’ Greenland: Contemporary Travel/Writing and Environmentalism

RP4 | Between ‘Europe’ and the ‘Arctic’: Iceland as a gateway destination

RP5 | Visualizing autonomy in sub-Arctic coastal tourism: a case study from northern Norway

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