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Roskilde University team in Greenland

Roskilde University team in Greenland

Perhaps it is a signal of the approaching end of the Arctic Encounters project that the Roskilde University team will actually finally get a chance to go to the Arctic as a group. The lead-up to the visit has included a few very productive developments, not least the emergent collaboration with other staff members from Roskilde University working on Greenland: Julia Christensen is working on her project funded by the Danish Research Council, ‘Health and social welfare institutionalization, urbanization and homelessness in Nunavut and Greenland’, while Naimah Hussain’s is undertaking a joint Roskilde University and Ilisimatusarfik PhD project, ’Journalism in small communities – a study of the Greenlandic media system’. The Roskilde University HERA team has been fortunate to work with both Julia and Naimah and make use of their contacts in Greenland in preparation for our visit in May. It is our collective contacts in Greenland and Denmark, including HERA advisory board member, Lykke Yakaboylu, which has produced what looks like a both challenging and exciting two weeks. A research exchange seminar has been planned with academics from Ilisimatusarfik and other institutions during our week in Nuuk.
The Ilulissat week is planned to focus specifically on the intersection of climate change and tourism. We are hopeful we will get a chance to have our own close encounter with the world famous glacier that more than anything has placed Ilulissat high on the international list of places to see. We also here plan to engage with the locals and to look at how tourism is transforming the life of the town.
Lars Jensen
Astrid Andersen
Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen

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