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Dark Ecology: Third Journey

Dark Ecology: Third Journey

Dark Ecology is a three-year art and research project founded by Kirkenes-based curator Hilde Methi and the Dutch group Sonic Acts, in collaboration with Norwegian, Russian and other European partners. The project consists of three separate “journeys“ – exploratory experiences that take place in various parts of Northern Norway and Northern Russia. These journeys are intended for artists, theorists, designers, curators, scientists, writers, makers, researchers and journalists whose work brings together art, science and music, and who are interested in rethinking notions and concepts such as ‘nature’, ‘culture’, ‘ecology’ and ‘society’, and exploring new descriptions of the current ‘state of affairs’.

As part of its interest in creative representations of the Arctic, Arctic Encounters has commissioned three artistic works throughout the duration of each Dark Ecology journey (click here to read about the second work, an in situ sound installation by Norwegian artist Margrethe Pettersen).

Applications for the third journey closed on 18 April, but for more information, visit

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